I'm officially launching my blog!

Jul 25 2023
Over the last two months, I've been building a custom platform to support a personal blog for myself.
I wanted a uniquely-designed blog site that would reflect my personality, but also a way to securely make new posts. Other features on my wishlist were image support, code view support, and full markdown support.
A lot of that is releasing today, with some additional features coming in the next few weeks. But overall, I'm excited and proud of myself for what I've been able to accomplish.
I'll share more here about the journey soon, including my experience using Next.js with Supabase, so stay tuned!
Hey, I'm Andrew Pethoud! I'm a full-stack software engineer 💻 who loves building joyful digital experiences for humans 👫. I'm also passionate about walkable communities 🌳 and making cities safer for bikers and pedestrians 🚴, especially when they're my own kids 🧒.
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