Designing PlayPath’s UI, Part 1: The Welcome Screen

Aug 16 2023
The first thing someone sees when they launch the app will be a welcome screen that sets the visual tone of the app and gives them a concise description of how the app will help them....
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Introducing PlayPath, an app to help parents find kid-friendly parks while traveling

Aug 8 2023
Two months ago, my family and I took a car trip across the state for a family reunion. ...
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For my fellow devs also looking for work

Jul 29 2023
About two months ago, the company I’ve worked for for over 5 years completely collapsed. I and all 900+ of my coworkers were suddenly out of work. ...
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I'm officially launching my blog!

Jul 25 2023
Over the last two months, I've been building a custom platform to support a personal blog for myself. ...
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